Maximize Your Digital Marketplace Presence with Proven Strategies from Acadia Commerce

We understand the complexities of dealing with marketplaces and have developed a business model to make the process easier and more cost-effective for you.

We handle everything for you: purchasing, stocking, shipping, marketing, and supporting your products on market places.

We buy your products and become your brand’s Authorized Strategic 3P Seller. We collaborate with you to identify products to sell or manage, determine purchase pricing, preferred sales prices, and volumes. Then, we buy your inventory, place purchase orders immediately, and take stocking positions on your products. You get paid quickly, receive  agency like services, and we earn our money by selling your products.

Optimize & Increase sales

Stay ahead of the competition with listing optimization and ad campaign management. We keep up with emerging trends to ensure your business remains competitive in a rapidly evolving market. 

Logistics & Fulfillment

We take pride in offering outstanding fulfillment and logistics services. Utilize our advanced facilities and skilled team to guarantee precise and prompt order processing and delivery.

Expand Marketplaces

The world of e-commerce is growing rapidly, we ensure your products are listed and selling everywhere they need to be. We provide support every step of the way, helping you develop a customized strategy that works for your brand.

Secure & safeguard

Acadia Commerce is 100% invested in your brand. From getting IP in place, to maintaining MAP, to aiding in the removal unauthorized sellers, to eliminating counterfeiters, our team can help.


Unlock new opportunities with our 3P services in leading marketplaces.

Our Services

The mission of Acadia Commerce is to assist brands and suppliers in enhancing their market positioning to drive sales growth.

Product Listing Optimization

Optimize each product listing’s Titles, Descriptions, Bullet points, Images, Videos, Keyword optimization & SEO, A/B test highest converting images, A/B test optimal price, on an ongoing basis.

Brand Protection

We monitor and ensure full compliance with MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) regulations by tracking sellers and their pricing for your products. We report any violations to your brand and the platform, and can collaborate with enforcement agencies to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers.

Advertising that Converts

We allocate our own marketing budget to develop tailored advertising campaigns exclusively for your brand on Amazon. By doing so, we enhance your sales and establish a competitive edge by positioning your products ahead of your rivals.

Performance Reports

We utilize our in-house tools to track your brand’s sales on a daily basis. Your dedicated Brand Manager and custom dashboard will keep you informed with reports and our plan of action so that you stay in the loop, always.

Our Process

Step 1. Initial Consultation
Initially, we focus on understanding your goals. Our team attentively listens to your experiences, both good and bad, with online sales, whether it is through direct sales or third-party sellers. We aim to comprehend your objectives thoroughly and guide you to achieve them. After gaining insight into your situation, we devise a personalized strategy that caters to your requirements. Our approach is designed to tackle issues such as unauthorized sellers, MAP violations, stock shortages, price manipulation, counterfeit products, or brand degradation effectively.
Step 2. Audit
Next, we conduct an online brand evaluation by analyzing your product line both in the virtual and real world. Our team identifies your best-selling products and those that have the most potential to succeed. We often find that many of the brands we collaborate with only have a small fraction of their product line available online, which could represent an untapped source of sales growth and brand engagement possibilities. Our thorough analysis provides you with comprehensive product data, including the number of units sold per month, product resellers, pricing history and trends, leading competitors, and recommendations for optimizing your listings.
Step 3. Purchase
We buy your products in bulk directly from your brand and are 100% invested in your growth. We may even purchase products not currently available online, which sets us apart from other retailers, with the goal of generating sales for those new products. After we complete the payment to you, we handle further responsibilities
Step 4. Optimize & Launch
In addition to optimizing and refining existing listings, we can create brand new listings for items that are not otherwise available online. This unique capability sets us apart from competitors who primarily act as distributors, buying and selling existing products. Furthermore, we can market specific product categories on our international platforms, such as and
Step 5. Safeguard & Scale
We prioritize the protection of your brand and the enforcement of your policies. We diligently monitor the market to identify any instances of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations, unauthorized sellers, and unauthorized listing creations. We take proactive measures to report such violations both to your brand and the relevant platform
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